Letter to the Editor: Plumbing Nightmare

It can happen here.


We recently had a new dishwasher and water softener to install as well as a couple of bathroom taps.

A young man was suggested and we called him. He said he was a plumber. He did the work, we paid him $750 plus parts.

He chipped the porcelain on both sinks and did not hook them up as designed.

The dishwasher leaked after three days and this time I got a licensed plumber in and got the job done properly.

The water softener was not working well so I called the manufacturer and found out that he had put the salt in the float chamber. I fixed that and then found out he had hooked the lines up backwards, so I had to call the licensed plumber again to correct this error.

What this has taught me is that even in our small town there are people who will take advantage of you if they can.

Did I ask for a refund? Yes.

Did I get one? No.

So I am writing this to make everyone aware, if you have work to be done in your home, be sure who you are dealing with as it sure hurts both the inconvenience and the money caused by disreputable “so called tradesman”. Don’t get burned as we did. It hurts!

Harry Prosser