Letter to the Editor: Regarding the All Candidates Forum

The organizers of the “All Candidates Forum” made a mockery of the democratic process by excluding the two candidates for School Trustee.  A School Trustee is an elected official with the same status as a councilor.  This would lead me to believe that the organizers do not consider education important to the community.  Otherwise, they would have included the School Trustee candidates in the forum so the public could ask questions of the people who will be making the decisions in the next four years concerning their children’s education.

The Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce organized their “All Candidates” forum and it was true to its name.  The Trustee candidates were given a special area where they could display their brochures and other election materials and they were introduced to the public who attended.

I consider it an insult to me personally and demeaning to the position that the School Trustee candidates were not invited to the “All Candidates” forum.  Perhaps next election you should rename it the “Some Candidates” forum.

Sherry Berringer, incumbent School Trustee for Tumbler Ridge