Letter to the Editor: Response to Disgruntled Camper

In response to the letter last week about the incident at the Lion’s Campground.

As a witness to the event mentioned, I must say, they left out quite a lot.

To begin with, they forgot to mention that they stole the campsite they were staying in. The spot was reserved for someone else and they removed their name and just set up camp.

The campers next to them had been there all week. They were visiting family, who lived here in Tumbler, but they were from Chetwynd, not local.

The first thing these new campers did after setting up camp was go ask the neighbors to turn off their generator, and not too nicely at that, because it was bothering them.

It was lunch time on a very warm day. She had the generator running so she could have air conditioning. She has a young autistic child who stayed in the trailer a lot of the time. Her husband had gone fishing. So she turned off the generator as requested.

We thought all was well until just after supper the “gentleman” brought their generator over and set it up right outside the lady’s trailer door, less than 10 feet outside the trailer door. Obviously to do exactly what it did, get a response.

Words were exchanged but no one got thrown to the ground. Four people got in the faces of this young family, trying to start a fight.

The police were called and they talked to all the witnesses. No charges were filed.

We thought everything was handled very well. The angry campers, who were in the wrong spot, were told they could move to another site. They were not just kicked out.

Some people never seem to be happy and will do anything for attention.

Tumbler Ridge is a wonderful, friendly town and the campground is the same way. I hope that everyone can see that letter was just so much sour grapes, so to speak.

Thank you,

Debbie Frank