Letter to the Editor: SOFI 2014

Your recent Report of Council’s Resolution of the July 4 states, quoting CAO Wall, “administration has made multiple efforts to meet with Holmlund to explain these matters.” You further state Holmlund again quoting Wall, “on each occasion rejected or ignored these offers.”

A balanced account would have mentioned that you had asked Holmlund for her comment but you fail to mention this and so one must assume no such approach was made. This is not responsible journalism. May I please receive your explanation?

Michael Sidwell

Dear Michael: Thanks for the note. The story that we ran was excerpted from Council notes, kinda like the story on the garden club the week before. Typically we run the excerpts in the same issue as the Council notes, but because we’ve been at eight pages the last few weeks, it has been impossible to fit the full Council Notes into the paper. Council notes finally makes in this week’s paper, as does the latest missive from the group.