Letter to the Editor: Thank You, Lions!

Dear Editor,

My name is Angela Robertson and I am a member of WIP (Work In Progress) as well as a resource parent for the Family Support Institute. I would like to give a HUGE THANK-YOU to the Lions for asking us to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt.

We ran the pie throwing and all donations went towards WIP. I would also like to thank everyone that agreed to have pies thrown at them…Matt Treit, Diana VanDale, Bev Litster, and Mark Deeley. I would also like to thank …Deanna Walsh, Jeff Cooper, Nate LeLand and a wonderful young fella visiting from South Africa that very generously offered up their faces the day of the event. We raised $265.96.

WIP is about working towards Inclusion and reaching their full potential. We do this by offering supports for youth and adults with disabilities as well as their families. We have a diverse group with many different interests. Some gather for art projects, others gather to watch the movies put on by the community center as well as others that partake in the free swim on the last Wednesday of the month (Thanks Chilko).

We are currently members of the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council and have been recipients of the grant in aid which has helped to fund the art supplies we use. We have many projects that are in the works…Anyone that is interested in volunteering their time, wanting to join us or need supports can contact Angela Robertson @ 250-242-5591or Sharon Bray @ 250-242-4778.


Angela Robertson