Letter to the Editor: This Little Piggy Went to MARKET SQUARE … or not


I simply wanted to thank the District, in particular Aleen Torraville, for making time to sit down with a small group of concerned people regarding the confusion, frustrations and questions surrounding Market Square, Temporary Food Markets and Business Licensing.

Clarification around the Community Charter and the Districts obligations, confirmation that there are plans to revise the Business Licensing Bylaw, knowledge that the District sees a need to revisit Market Squares and Temporary Markets in generalĀ  were areas that were discussed.

There were no resolutions formed or promises made however, there was a demonstrated willingness on behalf of the District to listen to constructive concerns founded in research and fact. In addition there was also an agreement reached that changes were needed and that it would be necessary to provide opportunities that would allow all parties affected by any proposed changes to have input, ask questions and voice concerns and ideas.

In the next while, it will be very important for everyone with a vested interest in the areas described above, to make their concerns heard; bringing forth legitimate concerns on these issues accompanied with research and documentation, letting our voice be heard about what we want to see can only aid in the decision making process faced by the District.

Debbie Peever