Letter to the Editor: Thumbs up, Tumbler Ridge!

A group of us decided to visit Tumbler Ridge for the Labour Day weekend, from Grande Prairie. My husband and I rented a travel trailer for the trip. We reserved our camping spot at Monkman RV Park. Upon our arrival we were greeted by Terry, smiling, friendly and helpful. She made us feel very welcomed. The campsite is very well maintained, clean and quiet.

On Sunday, we decided to drive to Kinuseo Falls for the afternoon. We had left the trailer hitch and ball on the truck. When we got back to our campsite we discovered the ball had fallen off the hitch. NOW what?? How do we get the trailer back to Grande Prairie? Long weekend, small town, stores closed.

Terry happened to be driving by, so we asked if she would sell us the one off her truck. She said she would try to find us one. The next thing we know, Terry has brought her husband, Don, over and he was pretty sure he had one at home for us and if not he would give us the one off of their truck. Within an hour or so Don was back with a brand new ball for the hitch. Turns out, Terry and Don had called Jan and Dean (owners of Ace Hardware), who went to their store (after hours) and found us the trailer ball we needed. Don then brought it back for us, installed it and made sure this one would not fall off.

These people went out of their way, above and beyond, to help perfect strangers! The hospitality, kindness and compassion that we found in the community of Tumbler Ridge was overwhelming. A huge thank you goes out to Terry, Don, Jan and Dean!! Tumbler Ridge, we are spreading the word as to what a great community you have. Thank you.

Most Sincerely,

Glen & Norma L, Grande Prairie, AB