Letter to the Editor: Tumbler Ridge Elementary School

As principal of Tumbler Ridge Elementary School, I feel the need to dispel the reports in the public that we have children coming to school without lunch. I have met with a couple of councilors, as well as, the Mayor and have assured them that there is no need for us to be receiving money for lunches.

For many, many years our parent advisory council has helped purchase items and we have had others donate items for students in need.  These are called “emergency” lunches and are given to students if they have forgotten theirs at home, their lunch falls on the floor or perhaps is destroyed by an errant drink.

I felt the issue was dealt with, however, in last week’s paper, the article about the food bank mentions once again that we have students coming to school needing lunch. This is NOT the case.

Our annual food and toy drive at TRE is the week of December 7th-11th. If you are able, please help us donate to those in our community who might need some help.



Kim Ferguson