Letter to the Editor: Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation

Dear People of Tumbler Ridge:

The Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation is currently seeking interested individuals to join the Foundation Board of Directors.  One of the roles of Foundation directors is to review requests for funding for medical equipment required by the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre.

One of the activities the members participate in traditionally, is to set up tables at craft fairs in the community, selling gift ware and handicrafts that are displayed at the Health Centre. The primary objective of the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation is fundraising and accepting donations for the purchase of medical equipment that will enhance the care of local residents. Regular monthly meetings are held at the health centre on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at noon.   Annual membership fees are $2.00 payable at the AGM in October.

Fundraising is currently underway for the following equipment needs:

  •  Vein Finder – $6000
  • Portable oxygen concentrator – $5,000
  • Electronic Tonometer – $5,000
  • Portable ultrasound – $20,000

Members help decide which medical equipment item will be selected for funding by the foundation with monies raised by the foundation.  These decisions are made with the guidance of a health care professional.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation or would like additional information, please drop by the Health Centre at 220 Front Street or call 250-242-5271 and speak with Gail.

It’s always gratifying to be involved in a cause that benefits your community.