Letter to the Editor: Tumbler Ridge thrift store

I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who continues to support our thrift store. I’m hearing some confusion as to what we do and how we work so I will hopefully clear things up.

We are a “not for profit” business, started by the Baptist Church. All of our donations come from the community and all of our proceeds go back into the community.

We keep the cost of our items very low so everyone in the community can afford them and we are more than willing to help out those in need.

All of our staff are volunteers (mostly from the church but also from the community). The church doesn’t charge the thrift store rent or utility, but the thrift store does pay 10 percent to the church to help cover heating, electricity, cleaning supplies, etc.. 90 percent goes back into helping the community.

So far it has contributed to the food bank, student bursaries, library snack program, and others.

The goal of the thrift store was to be able to meet needs in our community in practical ways.

Thank you to everyone who continues to bring us good clean clothes to sell, to our wonderful shoppers, and to those who help us see where financial needs in the community are.

Lori Madsen