Letter to the Editor

LETTERS As the (TRCAC) Arts Council has now been revitalized, I would like to thank you for all the support, effort, and work you have contributed to aid in our success.

We have hosted the Regional Juried Arts Show, provided the venue for a NRAHTA Fam tour, and host-assisted at the Grizfest beer tent. The most notable events this past year have been our Coffee Shop Evenings (TRUMP and the Library), Red Ribbon Days (the Quilters), and Theatre on the Ridge (Christmas Play).

The Arts Council is looking to build a vision for the future of Arts and Cultural events within this community. Some of our ideas center on: Live Theatre, Ballet, Opera, A Performing Arts Centre, Ways to access other venues in the area, and ways to draw other communities to Tumbler Ridge to participate in local events. To accomplish these and other ideas we need members to sit on our Board who want to contribute to the development of a cultural identity for Tumbler Ridge. We are looking for people who enjoy the challenge of brainstorming, planning, seeking the input of the community, building consensus and creating a living document that reflects the direction we will be pursuing over the next three to five years.

The TRCAC will continue to support the many talented artists, performers, and community groups that provide the tangible results of their gifts and we hope those who enjoy these fruits will see an opportunity to bring their organizational gifts to the table for the coming year. If you are interested in starting a group that involves arts and cultural activities, please contact us to see how we can help you.


Brian Sipe, President

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Letter to the Editor


First, we want to congratulate Greg Amos on the excellent reporting he is doing of covering different events and happenings in our town. Finally we don’t have to read other out of town papers to be informed most of the time, Thank you Greg!

Yes the town hall happenings are very disturbing. A lot of tax paying citizens are very puzzled by all the secrecy around the dismissal of some of our town hall employees. These employees have extensive training and have held office positions for the last decade. Incidentally most of this training is paid for with our tax dollars. Observing from the outside as tax payers, we feel only one resent dismissal was required where approximately $70,000.00 severance was paid. As for the rest we’re not sure of, but it’s big dollars! Furthermore as we replace dismissed people our tax dollars will be used again for training of the new people as required.

Greg is very right about we tax payers paying the big severances and the wages. Actually getting right down to it the taxpayer is the employer and we have every right to be informed of all the game playing in our town hall. The politics in this small town is unbelievable and getting very scary, especially with election time just around the corner.

Dick & Irene Lekei 

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