Letter: vote for change

It has been most amazing watching history unfold in Egypt, and now the succession of other Arab countries wanting the same thing as Egypt, but unfortunately it looks like there will be much bloodshed, especially in regard to Libya.
Imagine giving up your life for something called democracy, a right I believe many of us take for granted. Many have laid down their lives for this privilege in previous world wars, and the loss still continues all over the world for that precious right of democracy.
I feel we take this right so lightly that was so sadly earned by our fallen and wounded. With election time coming around in Tumbler Ridge this year, it is time to start thinking about the future of our town and what is best for the whole town of Tumbler Ridge. Even in a small town like ours it is important to vote.
I have served on council and applaud anyone who has done this because you will never be the same. I hope that those who plan on running will make at least one visit to a town hall meeting; I have been so surprised how many people have been elected with hardly an appearance to town hall prior to running in the election.
We need a mixture and new ideas, not a continuance of the “good ole boys club”.  If we do not get some new people interested in running, in my opinion we will have the same problems; we need new ideas for a town that wants to move ahead.
You as taxpayers should be concerned; I bet Tumbler Ridge has set some sort of record in our region in regard to hiring and firing (or letting go, whatever term you like) of senior staff and department heads. I want to know where on the budget these huge expenditures go, especially after all the budget cuts that were implemented.  I hope this question will be asked at the all candidates meeting later this year.

These are my opinions, and I am sure Greg will welcome yours – after all, this is a democratic society allowing difference of opinion.

Lynn Way

Tumbler Ridge