In early April after some debating I decided to put some of my photographs on display at the community centre. I was informed that I could have the display case for the whole month of May. After looking it over I realized that I needed at least 25-30 pictures to make a good showing. So quick running and more money spent to get more pictures framed. On the first of May with the help of some friends we hung the pictures. After one week I was asked if I would let somebody else put some carvings in, which I rejected since the display case was quite full with the photographs. At the same time I was asked to be out of the display by the 26th of May no explanation why. I told the caller that I would not be in town since we were going to Edmonton on the 18th I was informed that they would call back on that. Well the call came on the 14th of May informing me that if I did not take my pictures out by the 26th they would be taken out because Ducks Unlimited needed that display case the last week of May. So since we were leaving on the 18th my wife and I got all my pictures out on the 17th. Now comes the rest of the story. When we came back on the 30th of May friends and neighbours told me that the display case had been empty ever since I took my pictures out. Nothing ever went on display and in early June I went down to the community centre and took one lonely piece of paper from the display window, advertising my show. We had missed taking it down with the pictures. In closing I would really like to hear from somebody of the Arts council what this fiasco was all about.

Hans Ruck