Tumbler Ridge is a beautiful little town. It is very family oriented, and as teen-friendly as they come. I?m impressed with the medical services, the schools are second to none, I can?t find enough good to say about the people in this community.

The only drawback to this town is, the cost of housing here. By the time the rent and utilities are paid, two thirds of an hourly workers wages are gone.If you happen to have a family that doesn?t leave a lot for groceries or clothing.

I fully understand that Tumbler went through some hard times over the last few years. But should all of the lost revenue be made up at once? Just to make ends meet both parents have to work. Then comes the extra cost of child care, a second vehicle and all of the upkeep, insurance etc. the second vehicle involves. Now we are right back to square one, two thirds of our wages are going to rent and utilities. We are now in a higher tax bracket, so at years end we owe Revenue Canada a rather large bill. Just how are we getting ahead at this rate?

We need some low income housing, most of the working class can?t afford the rents being asked. As should be obvious by the number of vacant houses with For Rent signs in the windows.

Resources aren?t much good if there isn?t the work force to harvest them. We have to be a little more inviting to the working class as well as business, if we want to see real economical growth

Tumbler Ridge has so much to offer, but a lot of able-bodied working people will not be able to afford to be a part of it. It?s only human nature to want a few dollars in the bank. There should be more than enough for the rent on payday. I feel that employers in this area are paying a fair wage. The cost of living has to come down to meet wages not wages go up. That only drives cost of living higher.

J . Kennedy