April 08, 2004

Board Members

Federal Competition Bureau

Dear Messieurs and Madames,

Re: Sale of BC Rail to Canadian National

Let me begin by expressing my appreciation for the work of the Board under the jurisdiction provided through the Competition Act. Canadians need such an organization and structure to ensure that their commercial marketplace remains as fair and as competitive as possible.

Given the recent RCMP investigation into possible illegal activity surrounding the sale of BC Rail, I ask today that the Board move to suspend the transaction until the police investigation is complete, and Canadians are assured that there was no wrong doing related to the purchase agreement.

Following my discussion with BCR employees, I further request that the Board schedule public hearings to determine whether a recommendation should be made to expand the scope of inquiries allowable under the Competition Act. Specifically, that effects to the labour market as a result of a transaction be considered where the Board determines that the national interest would be well served. This would further strengthen the credibility of Board decisions and help to raise awareness of issues within those communities impacted by any proceedings.

With this in mind I can suggest no better starting place than in Prince George, British Columbia where many believe, like I do, that such considerations would benefit the general public and Canadian workers.

In closing, I thank the Board for its hard work on behalf of all Canadians and await its timely reply.

Yours truly,

Michael Hunter

Federal NDP Candidate

Prince George ? Peace River

Box 1525, Tumbler Ridge

BC V0C 2W0