Letter to the Editor:

The BC Lacrosse Association has seen tremendous growth in the past 10 years. The number of registered lacrosse players in BC has gone from 5984 in 1994 to 16085 in 2005. More and more athletes are discovering Canada?s National Summer Sport.

Part of the most recent growth has been as a direct result of the BC Lacrosse Association?s Development Program. The BCLA?s Development Program is made up of a dedicated group of volunteer Coaches, Officials and organizers from around the province. This group of volunteers will come to your community to work with athletes and parents in order to get a lacrosse program off the ground. The only cost to the community is the use of a sport facility ( such as a gymnasium or arena, once the ice is out ), a meeting room for the group to meet with the parents, and those interested in developing lacrosse in their area. Equipment is provided for these sessions, if required.

Sessions generally run 2-3 hours.

Lacrosse has many benefits. As a game, it is unparalled in developing skill, speed, intelligence, fitness and endurance. Lacrosse has an infectious quality that captivates players and fans alike. We know there are many former lacrosse players living throughout the province who would truly love to have lacrosse in their community.

Most recently, Lacrosse programs have started in Williams Lake, Fort St John, Powell River and Gold River as well as Grande Prairie, Alberta. Prince George has a strong lacrosse program in central northern BC that has been established for many years.

The BC Lacrosse Development Program is available to come to your community. If you are interested in learning how and desire more information, visit the BC Lacrosse website at www.bclacrosse.com for general information.