Re: Last week?s rendering of spleen by a Realtor who should know better.

I was going to send the four pager describing my feeling re this guy?s outbursts, however, following my dear Mother?s admonition? If you cannot say anything nice about a person, don?t say anything?.

Good advice, and I shall try to abide thereto.

Perhaps, some advice to Peter would be better served ? that is ..go to the Library and read Dale Carnegie?s Book ? How to make friends and influence People?. Or, better still, just __ __!

Seriously, I would like to say some nice things about our Council and their CAO and CFO ? actually, in my opinion, they are exemplary in their dedication and perception of factual matters which, frankly, have been distorted by self-interest groups in the past. Some of these problems, as we know, the new Council inherited.

Mayor Michael Caisley has to be commended for his clear rendering of matters of Council and his ability to take the time to inform us with Town meetings as well as very inclusive written reasons for his, and Council?s actions to some highly technical and emotional matters.

Councillor?s White and Hunter also stand out in my opinion for their technical and well reasoned understandings of many serious matter affecting the town and/or its citizens. Though sometimes at odds with each other?s stand, they are stalwart in their dedication to ? what?s right?, and best for the Community as a whole.

Thanks y?all!

It is my firm conviction that this Council nor its Advisors cannot be influenced by ?Self Interested Pressure Groups?, or individuals, and, with a Mayor of Mike Caisley?s calibre surrounded by the present Council etal, Hurrah !

Progress with the Co-op Housing Initiative as well as the Day?s Inn Contract are a Prime example of ?doing it right?,? in my humble opinion.

George?s Shangri-La is not far off after all ? he gave it a good start.

Cheers, and all that good stuff!

Doug Foerster Tumbler Ridge