Two weeks ago the weather turned bad and it was windy and blowing snow across the road from the Tumbler Ridge turnoff to Dawson Creek. We ditched the car. In the 15 to 20 minutes that we waited for a tow truck only one person stopped. He and his passenger were in a grey pickup that I believe was a Ranger. I think the first 4 letters of the license plate were 2133. We had cell phones but we had just recently bought them knowing that driving from Tumbler Ridge can be a drive that anything can happen to you or someone else and cell phones can save lives. However, everyone drove by that day including the car that saw us go into the ditch. Suppose you were in an accident and needed help. Would you like the two in the grey truck to be driving by or all the others who didn?t stop to be driving by. Thanks to the men in the grey pickup.

Ellen Sager, Tumbler Ridge