Locum physician Nigel Mathews has set an example to all WNMS and TRMF members. During his brief annual stay of 28 days in Tumbler Ridge, Nigel has used virtually every minute of his spare time when not on medical call/sleeping/eating to advance the cause of these two community organizations.

He has repaired and improved the staircase to the Wolverine dinosaur site, and done the same for the stairs above the Cabin Pool site. He has cleaned up the Bullmoose Marshes trails with a machete which he has donated to WNMS along with much other trail-clearing equipment. He has put up necessary signage on the Mt Spieker hiking route, repaired signage on other trails, and carried a heavy dinosaur footprint in his backpack to the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre. When he heard of a mountaineering accident that had resulted in valuable equipment being abandoned beside a regional glacier, he spent his weekend going to retrieve this for the injured climbers.

As if that was not enough, he organized the Emperor?s Cricket Match, recorded numerous bird sightings, approached the District regarding having dinosaur trackways installed on the new sidewalks, and recruited new entries for the Emperor?s Challenge (Nigel was the original instigator of the Emperor?s Challenge concept).

There are probably numerous other contributions he has made in addition to this brief summary. Thanks to this amazing flurry of activity, TR is a better place. Let us hope that Nigel sees fit to keep returning to Tumbler Ridge each August.

Charles Helm