Letters to the Community

Calling 911 when there is NO emergency is a criminal offence and could result in a charge known as criminal mischief. How do I know this? I am guilty of doing such a thing. I did not realize the consequences that occur when you do this and get caught. With this charge against a person it could affect you for years down the road. It stops you from being able to get a passport, crossing the boarder, having a job in a bondable position, volunteer work and also stops you from being able to get a job in the criminal justice system.

Not only does calling 911 falsely get you a criminal record but you probably don?t realize how big of an in-convince it is for the community, the dispatchers, the police officers and your family. I will explain what I have learnt through all of this.

I learnt that 98% of 911 calls are false and the other 2% are true, surprisingly but true. So when a police officer receives a 911 call that is false that is taking away from the calls that are a true emergency. Personally, I never thought how just one call could cause as much trouble as it did. It made people have to leave their jobs, families, etc, to respond, because on each 9-1-1 call a police office has to respond to check it out regardless. Living in a small town, the dispatchers don?t always live here, they are actually from Prince George, whenever you call 911, the call is transferred to Prince George. Every time there is a false call dialed, there is a charge added to the police officers, the dispatcher and the community workers involved. The charge is a minimum of $200.00 each call. I also learned because of how many false calls are compared to the ones that are true it makes it hard for a police officer to rush over to every scene in a hurry. Eventually the police will get tired of running around in a rush trying to make sure everything is okay when they realize it is just a joke. It doesn?t make their jobs easy, and what is happening is when there is a real call, the police automatically assume it is another false one. So they do not rush as quickly as they can, and in some situations, the person can die within seconds if medical help is not assisted in time. Normally you would not think this through, I know I didn?t. I didn?t know any of these consequences, and I am glad I know them now. I?m trying to tell you reasons you should not call 911 unless it is an absolute emergency. There are several different consequences that can and will proceed on this criminal offence. A simple way to be cleared is Criminal Justice, community service, writing an anonymous letter in the newspaper, but then again you could go to court, get a lawyer, pay a fine, and be banned from a certain place for a certain amount of time. Many consequences can come upon this, a consequence is not something to be proud of but something to take care of properly and responsibly.

Many people in the situation can be hurt including your self, taken away from their work, and their families as well. One small call can produce a massive heap of trouble. In my personal opinion, don?t risk it. This whole incident could have easily been avoided and everything would have been so much smoother. Unfortunately, that didn?t happen for me but you have the opportunity so nothing goes wrong. Making the call doesn?t have to be your choice to make. There is a better one just a step ahead.

Whether or not you decide to listen to this write up, I still strongly suggest for you to take the higher road and avoid criminal mischief, it not fun. I experienced it, I know.

Sincerely, Anonymous.

Do you think that calling 9-1-1 is a joke? Well it isn?t. Calling 9-1-1 as a joke, or prank calling it is a serious offence. Did you know that 98% of 9-1-1 calls are pranks, and only 2% are real mergencies? That 98% is taking police and communities away from real emergency calls. As soon as you dial the numbers ?9? and ?1?, it will be called in as an emergency and even if you hang up or say that it was a mistake, the police still have to come and investigate it.

I personally was involved in a prank 9-1-1 call and it started out with my friend and me playing on some pay-phones. Although only one of us called 9-11, we both got the same consequences. So don?t take lightly to using 9-1-1. Only call it if there is a real emergency! I think I speak on behalf of me and my friend when I say that we?re really sorry for all the trouble we?ve caused and hope that by writing this letter, that we can minimize the amount of prank 9-11 calls.