Letters to the Editor


On March 18, 2004 the representatives of Tumbler Ridge passed Bill 481 and a Partnership Agreement with A680419, BC Limited.

Even though this was met by some residents with strong opposing views. This proposed hotel was advertised at Trade Fairs, calls were taken for this place at Town Hall and it has been advertised in the 2004 Guide For the Peace Region.

In my opinion, all residents of Tumbler Ridge are now deemed as Partners with this Wilderness Lodge now, and it apparently is locked up.

Our representatives are clearly responsible to US, the residents of this town to keep us informed about what is going on with this lodge-hotel.

In my opinion, even though we are PARTNERS in a business that gives US the taxpayers, no return in dollars for the next 25 years, with the exception of taxes to be paid on the property.

For the buyer, this is not a bad deal, when the market evaluation that was done on this building during the sale appears to be $858,500.

Approximately seven months ago, a Public Meeting was put on notice, to be held then it was cancelled and re-dated for two weeks later. I am still waiting and STRONGLY feel that the time for this meeting is now, ASAP.

I am requesting that this meeting be held and the air be cleared on this issue and ALL OTHER ISSUES that concern our town.

Once again the cart has been put before the horse as apparently this building was not ready for occupancy after reservations. We need and demand a public update on these issues.

No answers are being given as to what is going on and we have a right to ask and receive answers on this matter.

Donald Burns

Resident of Tumbler Ridge