Letters to the Editor

It would be nice if George could write one of his columns without yet another snide remark about the US, either stated explicitly or intimated. As a Canadian who also has close ties to the U.S., it would do everyone well on both sides of the border to think more of developing and promoting partnerships then taking adversarial roles. George states in his latest column that yet ??another few hundred people have been slaughtered in Iraq,??

If you follow George and his column, you can only assume that he means it?s the U.S. that?s doing the so called slaughtering. What a stretch!

A dictionary definition states : slaughter as massacre, mass murder, carnage, butchery — (the savage and excessive killing of many people)

Based on the above definition, Saddam was indeed involved in slaughter, The Butcher of Baghdad certainly deserves to be tried in Iraq by the people of Iraq and not some liberal European court system that would dictate law to the entire world and would certainly never get around to punishing Saddam, as George suggested in an earlier column.

Look back to the killing fields of Cambodia, the genocide in Bosnia, the holocaust of World War II involving the Jews. The state of Israel would cease to exist if not for American protection, and about 5.5 million Jews would be in grave danger. Each is an example of true slaughter and yet even in those times, the appeasers of the world were backing away from doing anything about it. Pretend there are no problems in the world and those problems will just go away. Sorry, it doesn?t? work that way.

In every period of time, there is a need for leaders who will stand up and defend the rights of the individual, who encourage free agency and the ability to make choices, who are willing to risk all on behalf of those who can?t act for themselves, who want people to be FREE!

That George Bush and the United States try to do this, isn?t reason to slam them all the time. That they make mistakes along the way is a reality of being human and not one of principles.

That over fifty million people in Iraq now have a degree of independence and democracy that they have never enjoyed doesn?t? seem to be part of the equation at all for George and the rest of the appeasers of the world. Is it any wonder that over 40% of Canadian school children have developed a hate attitude towards their best neighbor, the U.S. Reminds me of the song from the movie South Pacific, where you ??have to be taught to hate and fear?? Makes you wonder what the school children in Tumbler Ridge are being taught and who is influencing their thinking?

It is insulting and dishonest for Americans and Canadians and Europeans to condemn the U.S. because they don’t like certain policies. Dissent is good. Slander is unacceptable. America has a provable history of freeing oppressed people all over the world in fighting evil dictators.

And for that, George feels a constant need to bash them. His column should be titled By ?Snide? George