Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

This letter is in reference to the Tumbler Ridge Curling Club?s 2005 Bonspiel banquet. This banquet was held in Room 5 of the Community Centre February 19th, catered by Sheila?s Place.

I have heard through the grapevine that is so prevalent in Tumbler Ridge, that this was a terrible meal that was PICKED OUT and PREPARED by Sheila?s Place.

I would like to correct the public and the curlers that I did not pick out this meal. I gave the Curling Club four or five choices to choose from and this was the meal that was chosen by their committee. I did not have any part of choosing what the meal would be. I prepared and served it. If the meal was not what you were expecting, then this is not the caterers fault. If you say that you just did not like the meal, then I am sorry for that.

I am sorry that so many people were unhappy with the meal. The taste of the meal was fine but people

Were expecting roast beef and mashed and got chicken and rice. This did not sit well. So now that you have heard why you were served chicken and rice and not roast beef and mashed you can take that up with the organizers of the event. I am not sure where you got the idea that you were being served roast beef but that was the consensus of those that came to the table I was serving from.

As for the nasty comments about the food, would it not be the proper thing to do to address the person or; place you are making the complaint against? There may be a logical explanation. You should try to direct complaints to the person or place directly instead of calling Town Hall or the Community Centre or even Tags and Shell. By press time of this letter, I am sure that the list will have grown. I am not really sure how any of these places can help you. Neither I nor the restaurant has had a complaint or comment up to this time, not even from the organizers of the event. Is this fair?

As for the profanity that was directed to my staff of young ladies by an intoxicated woman from Tumbler Ridge, you really should have directed your nasty comment directly to me as well. No matter how bad you may think something is, there is no reason to use that kind of language to get your LITTLE POINT across.

Also, just to inform you that there are over 6000 words in the English language. You should try to learn a few more; the one you do use to verbalize your point is overused. But then again after hearing what you had to say. I don?t think you have anything left to say worth hearing so you can keep your vulgar comments to yourself.

To those that were blatantly rude to my staff ? I have no comment for that, it should be self explanatory to any six year old who is reprimanded for being that way. However, again I ask why not direct your comments to me?

To those curlers who had the courtesy to ask why the meal was chicken and rice and not roast beef u1Fl, then understand and said thank you for telling us, I say thank you.

To those people that were kind and pleasant to the staff that were serving you, even if you were not pleased I say thank you, as my staff are the innocent bystanders, and not your sounding boards.

I am sorry that all of this has happened. I have been catering in Tumbler Ridge for a long; time and have never had so many people unhappy. Please let me stay that the food was good, just not the right kind at the right time.

Sheila Proehl, Sheila?s Place