Letters to the Editor

Recently I heard of a meeting that was to take place in the TR Inn. This meeting was portrayed as a meeting of concerned citizens of Tumbler Ridge. Nowhere did I read or hear that this meeting was a private meeting. When I attended this meeting I was promptly asked to leave by one of the attendees before the meeting got underway. This brings up a few questions to me. Is the group of concerned citizens an exclusive private club? If they want to have a private club then they should advertise it as such. In the advertisement they should include things like, membership dues, meeting times and places, and how to join the club.

I have to wonder; is this small group of people representing the all citizens of Tumbler Ridge? I would question this. If they are truly representing all the citizens of Tumbler Ridge should not all the citizens of Tumbler Ridge be invited to these meeting?

Private meetings held in secret places with only invited guests? You make the decision, is this the type of individual you as a tax paying concerned citizen want to represent you. After all, what do they have to hide?

As a taxpayer and concerned citizen, I to am concerned about the dealings that happen within the community. The difference with me is I listen to all the concerns and issues. I then gather as many facts as I can before I make a decision or comment. I make decisions based on complete information not innuendoes and rumors.

This is one tax paying concerned citizen that would like this group of individuals to stop claiming to represent me without my permission. If you are truly concerned about the community then run for a seat on council. The group of citizens that I gave permission to represent me are the Mayor and Council (also called the elected officials). Good, bad or indifferent, they are truly concerned about this community, not personal gain.

Gordon (Shorty) Smith

A taxpayer and concerned citizen.