Letters to the Editor

This week many consumers will face a real Easter egg hunt if they?re looking for humanely produced eggs.

People who want to ensure their eggs come from chickens that aren?t raised in tightly-cramped cages face a confusing array of choices. Some cartons are labelled ?free-range,? others say ?free-run? and many say nothing at all.

In fact, only eggs labelled ?certified organic? are guaranteed to provide hens with the most space, time outdoors and opportunities for natural behaviour. Producers of these eggs are audited by certifying bodies.

Most eggs sold in BC are from hens kept in ?battery cages,? which allow only 64 square inches per hen. If consumers want to make a more humane choice, they should avoid eggs from battery hens.

More information on egg labelling and certification is available at http://www.chickenout.ca/Alternatives/index.html

Bruce Passmore

Farm Animal Welfare Coordinator