Letters to the Editor

Democracy in Tumbler Ridge is under attack, by special interest groups and disgruntled individuals with personal agendas. It’s time, that we, the silent majority stand up for our elected Council and say NO to individuals who are trying to undermine our duly elected representatives. These so called special interest groups are trying to turn our small town into a” Banana Republic “; a Dictatorship where the will of the few over rule the rights of the many. How dare these people ask our elected MLA how to remove our elected Council, undermining our voice in town hall! The time for real concerned citizens to speak their mind is at the next election, where the majority of citizens will speak by casting their ballot.

Our Council was elected by the majority of us, the citizens of Tumbler Ridge. We may not agree with everything they do or say; we must be confident in their abilities and respect the decisions that we asked them to make on our behalf. No one has the right to bad mouth the Mayor or Councillors. If you don’t agree with them, vote them out at the next Election.

Democracy isn’t a misinformed, misled mob forcing the opinions of these individual or special interest groups. Democracy is the rule of the majority ? a right of the people, to elect their representatives and the duty of the people to defend it when it’s threatened.

George Meeks (CD) Tumbler Ridge