Letters To The Editor

The bad news is that our daughter has been diagnosed with Hodgkin?s disease, a type of Lymphoma. She will have to go through chemo and radiation therapy over the next several months which will be hard on her physically as well as emotionally.

The good news is that we found it early and it is very treatable. More good news comes from the fact that we live in an amazing community. The support from the town as a whole leaves us feeling very grateful that we live in Tumbler Ridge. We canĀ¹t go anywhere without people stopping and asking us how she is doing and also if there is anything they can do to help. The parting comment is always that we can call on them if we need anything at all.

We would like to thank those of whose generosity we are aware:

The staffs of TRE and TRSS have been tremendous with their emotional and financial support. The group of 27 students, teachers, other community members as well as people out at Western Canadian Coal who put together a huge bottle drive and donated the proceeds to Xoch because she won?t be able to work this summer as planned. And we would also like to thank the Grad Class of 2005 for their very generous donation.

In some battles you are fortunate, as we are, to have a knight in shining armour. Although in this case the shiny part be not his armour but his balding head, and his trusty stead is not four legged but rather red and four wheeled. This stout knight was very generous with his donation to the cause and the loan of his luxury ride for two quick trips to Edmonton. His charges, the students of Sir Wilfred Herve, were just as generous as he, giving up what they had saved for a year end pizza party to help pay for travel expenses.

Thank you all for your donations and well wishes. Thank you for caring.


Murray and Erica