Letters To The Editor

Our lives have changed immensely in the last month. Not just because we had to deal with our daughter?s illness, but we had to realize that in this crazy world there are still people who care. We are living in a community where people even though they might not know us showed kindness and generosity. We want to thank everyone who donated money, bottles and specially prayers to help us cope with Xoch?s ?new life style?. We want to specially thank T.R.E.S., Kinuseo Café, Mitch & Sheila Illerbrun from Countrylane Creations, TR Inn, Western Canadian Coal, the teachers, the Bottle Depot, all the students of TR Secondary School and Xoch?s friends for their generous help and support. It meant more than words can describe. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kevin, Loardes, Sage & Xoch