Letters to the Editor

Gas Prices

If you have no vehicle or don?t have far to go the price is just right. Otherwise, the price is outrageous. It is the ?70?s all over again. History repeating itself. Since the governments and the oil companies are enjoying the profits, this is wonderful for them and they have no intention of changing things. Not only does it cost more to travel to work or go on a vacation but also to fly or go anywhere else. As well, all goods and services will cost more.

For us in Tumbler Ridge we have been paying high prices for goods because of transportation costs all along. People say buy locally but one wonders sometimes if we aren?t charged for the truck to bring in each item per trip. Now this might help local retailers because consumers may not wish to drive to Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, or Grande Prairie to shop because of the expensive fuel; however, depending on how high the local shops put their prices up it may still be cost effective to shop outside of town. Rumor has it gas prices will come down in the fall. I bet we won?t see any 10 to 15 cent reduction overnight like we did when the price went up. Oh, for the $15.00 a barrel days and Alberta was in a depression in the mid-1980?s and everyone was unemployed and people walked away from their homes.

You see, it could be worse ? it?s $60 and there is lots of employment and the price of gas is .24 cents in Dawson Creek (because their signs aren?t configured for prices over a dollar)!! It is probable that you might consider putting off buying that Hummer until the gas prices drop or until you get a substantial raise and I wouldn?t hold my breath on gas prices going down soon.

Ellen Sager