Letters to the Editor

This will be brief. Thanks to the letters being sent which have stated the obvious about us. We, the residents of this lovely town, do not need the people purporting to speak for us when we have not even been given the opportunity to speak on the issues they argue that we support. I like the one letter which has recommended they leave if it is such an awful place to be in. Then we can enjoy the best place in the world to live without cancerous remarks from the few unhappy people who came here to rant and rail about our folk trying to make this a better place to live in.

But, if indeed you can offer a better plan and are willing to put forth your name the next time there is an election, state your case and offer to serve. It will be our pleasure to judge your capabilities and put you in office if you are convincing, and do a good job once you take your seat on council.

Good luck.