Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I believe that I speak for all of the teachers of Tumbler Ridge as I express my sincere appreciation for all of the support we received from the community of Tumbler Ridge during our recent protest against the unfair imposition of a collective agreement that was neither collectively made nor agreed upon. We were definitely heartened by your support. Thank you to the members of the BCGEU who work beside us at school every day. They stood beside us on the picket line without a single complaint about their own lost wages.

Thank you to the members of CUPE who joined us in our protest. Thank you to our Parent Advisory Committee who met with us to listen to our concerns and who wrote a letter on our behalf. Thank you to everyone who attended the rally in Dawson Creek. Thank you to the people who provided fire pits and to those who kept us provided with firewood for two weeks. It warmed our hands and our hearts. Thank you for the never ending supply of doughnuts, coffee, muffins, soup, chili, pizza, chocolate, bannock, cake, cookies, candy and soda and even a bouquet of flowers that came to the picket line. Thank you to all of the people who waved and/or honked in support of our cause. Thank you to everyone who urged this government to negotiate with us for the good of our students and working people everywhere. This is a wonderful community!


Gayla Langmuir