Letters to the Editor

1 really must congratulate Erin Hanna and her team of Grizzly Players (um, sorry, 1 mean Grizzly Valley Players) on their production of ?Ghosts of the Titanic,? staged at the Community Centre on October 3rd??. It was a really imaginative accomplishment. It wasn?t so much a ?scary? Halloween production along the lines of a Haunted House, but was more a poignant look at the tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic, staged with a minimum of physical props but with a whole lot of creativity and inventiveness. My one regret is that the crowds precluded me from lining up more than once so that I could be guided through the wreck by a different ?ghost.? There were six ?ghost guides,? each one having a different tale to tell, and quite honestly I would have loved to have heard all six tales and to have met all six ghosts. Darn it, 1 never even got to see the ghost of John Jacob Astor as portrayed by the famed Master Thespian Brian Sipe, renowned for his Oscar-worthy portrayal of the Handsome Prince in last season?s ?The Glass Slipper.? (I leave it up to you to decide which Oscar I?m talking about – the Academy Award?s Oscar or the Muppets? Oscar the Grouch). But at least 1 did get to see Lucas? depiction of a floating corpse, which was worth the price of admission alone!

1 understand that virtually the whole show was conceived by Erin, including writing the six ghostly narratives and producing the video that introduced the show to the audience at the beginning of the tour. Tumbler Ridge is fortunate to have someone who is so talented and dedicated to the entertainment of its citizens. If ever we get a proper theatre built in Tumbler Ridge, 1 wouldn?t be averse to seeing it named ?The Erin Hanna Centre for Performing Arts.? Kinda has a nice ring to it, doncha think?

Bob Norman, Tumbler Ridge