Letters to the Editor

The people who are opposing the wind power projects in Dawson Creek and Chetwynd should be ashamed of themselves. Finally we have some clean, green, sustainable energy proposed for BC.

Energy that won?t emit harmful emissions, green house gasses or flood beautiful valleys! Finally a progressive approach to our energy needs. Do these people realize that a coal-fired electricity project is being proposed for their backyards?

They are spending time and energy to oppose wind projects because of the way they look, when an energy project that will pump millions of tonnes of green house gasses,harmful mercury and particulate matter into our air is in the works.

I suppose they can?t see that project so it isn?t an issue. It?s shameful that this shallow aesthetic concern could possibly cause these projects to fall by the wayside and make more room for dirty energy production! The people of the Peace who agree with the need for clean sustainable energy need to voice their support and drown out this mis-informed opposition.