Letters to the Editor

I have been hesitant to write this letter, but after picking up the wrought iron ?Kingdom Hall? sign from the side of the road on my way to town this am decided to go for it. I feel it is time that Mayor & Council and even some department heads take each other by the hand, take of their rose colored glasses and do a in-depth ?walk? around of our down town area one morning.

I do this often as I collect empties for our PALS program, the on going filth, litter, destruction to property and landscaping is forever on the increase. I believe numerous complaints have been made to Town Hall, yet it is ongoing and increasing. The amount of empty liquor containers, fast food garbage, and general litter is disgusting. You want tourism here, I don?t think so. Our town is only 25 years old and looks like hell downtown – in the 80s with many more people, we never had the destruction or litter that we have today. The parking behind the Credit Union is always full of litter as employees waiting for buses to work throw their garbage on the ground, litter, mud, oil spills on the other side of parking lot from heavy duty vehicles parking there. I realize this is done by only a percentage of people but that % must be growing as the garbage sure is. Most of the disrespect to the down town core is done by residents, so what gives? Oh yes, the cold winter weather will cover up and curtail some of it but only to return in the Spring. You want to diversify the Tumbler Ridge and encourage tourism, then have a proper RV park for them with laundry and full hook-ups, do some proper landscaping to beautify the town. When you look at the per capita numbers regarding all of the above one has to worry about our so called Shangri-La being endangered.

Lynn Way