Letters to the Editor

Response to letters placed in this paper by (George Meeks) and Gordon Shorty Smith)

It is quite apparent, after reading your comments in this paper, that there seems to be a common objective, that being to undermine concerned resident?s interests in Tumbler Ridge.

People who live in a democratic country have every right to express their opinions and have a say in matters that concern them and the place they live in.

I believe that approximately 80 residents attended the meeting on this matter, and many of our residents did not know that the meeting was being held.

What is needed in Tumbler Ridge is a public meeting with the residents, the government reps and the developers of the Wilderness Lodge. All the information concerning this matter must be addressed and a vote by the residents should be the final decision as to whether or not the residents want their tax money invested in this manner. This is a democracy. If you do not agree with what your representatives are doing you have a right to demand answers to your questions.

Please get the facts before you speak or act. I believe we all have an interest in the development of our town.

Don Burns, Resident of Tumbler Ridge