I have been a resident of Tumbler Ridge for almost 24 years. Long term resident, or new arrival ,all are a part of the fabric that makes up a community–especially when they all work together responsibly. Especially when they can express their opinions openly. Especially when they provide constructive criticisms for the benefit of all.

We all live in the proverbial ?fish bowl?. When we voted in our municipal election, we voted for those we thought would do their best to meet our personal expectations. Politicians on all levels of government live and perform in that proverbial glass bowl . That comes with the territory, and will never change–and that is a good thing. My view is that we should give respect to those we voted into council in the last election. That is not to say we have to agree with all council?s decisions–we don?t! But be constructive with your criticisms. There are far better ways to make a point and to obtain goals for the benefit of all, than to be secretive and destructive.

I suggest (and challenge) those who are invisible yet vocal, to come out of the closet! Call a public forum! Form a ratepayers association or another venue in which all can openly participate! Stop playing childish games! In this way your opinions will be heard and will be credible. Instead of hiding behind technology, get back to basics to send your message to our local and extended communities. No, we don?t always agree, but we can work together and get things done for the benefit of all residents of our community. Let?s show the outside world that we are indeed a COMMUNITY!

It is certain that to have come through such turbulent times we had to work as a community –with our elected officials. We need to ask ?Can we do better?? We all have the responsibility and I would hope, the moral fortitude to help build our future based on what we have ,rather than attempting to sabotage the efforts made by our elected officials. Remember the glass bowl?

?Pulling together makes a team.? I tell my horses this every day–and it works!

Harry Prosser, Two Horse Logging

Tumbler Ridge, BC

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