Letters to the Editor

I am neither a member of TR Cares or a Director. TR Cares offers a wonderful service to transport persons to their medical appointments on Thursdays. The pamphlet states it is Thursdays, but in actual fact, if you need the service any other day of the week you just give them a call and they will see what can be arranged. If you are taken to hospital in an ambulance and need a ride back to Tumbler Ridge you may be able to arrange for pick up. Remember, these are volunteers and may not be available at a moment?s notice. There is also the opportunity to donate if you so desire. It should be noted that Northern Health has a fee for all its transportation trips. Most are $20.00. You can go from Prince George to Vancouver on a bus for $40 return. There is a bus going from Chetwynd to Dawson Creek to Grande Prairie on Wednesdays. A return trip from Dawson Creek to Grande Prairie costs $20. The service is 80-90% subsidized by Northern Health. You can call Northern Health at 1-888-647-4997. Information pamphlets about TR Cares are in the Medical office or the Counselling office. Furthermore, if you are in need of a van even for personal use, you can call TR Cares and arrange to use the van for a donation. There may be some qualifications, eg. checking your driving record. If you want to use one for transporting persons you may have to have a police check. Call TR Cares for more information or visit www.northernhealth.ca

The TR Cares pamphlet says that parents have to supply their own car seats for the children and it must not have to require installation. This is o.k. for infant seats which only require a seat belt. However, children?s seats normally require tethering (attachment to the car by a bolted strap). Perhaps someone has a car seat that is no longer being used and would like to donate it and then it could be installed and kept in the van so parents would not have to untether their car seats for putting in the van.

Ellen Sager, B.A., B.Ed., A.M.C.T.

Tumbler Ridge, B.C.