The article about sending ?quilts? by local ?organizations? needs to be clarified. First, it was made clear that it was the community and not necessarily anyone who was a member of any group that contributed ?quilts.? The other point I will make is that, I believe, there were perhaps two quilts (sewn product from material) out of the 36 and the rest were lap afghans which are knitted or crocheted, two or three of which were actually ?Canadian flag? afghans. Moreover, the afghans and quilts were wrapped with any ribbon. Perhaps someone can find the group Canadian ribbon for next time. Also, the postcards were a variety of postcards including some of Dr. Helm?s with various views of the Tumbler Ridge area and other postcards including some of the District office. It is important to note that it was not a community organization project but a ?community? project. Everyone contributed.

Ellen Sager