October 29th, 2007

Letter to the editor:

I am giving this letter of apology as I feel I acted in a very inappropriate way.

I had become one of these people that got ?into? the blog and wish I had never become involved. I did ?not? initiate the ?Library? issue but did take part.

Things that I did put on the blog were of a concern to me but the blog was not the place to air my concerns. Some issues have taken away from the original idea of the blog here in Tumbler Ridge and I think it is probably the worst thing I have ever taken part in and this blog site is doing absolutely nothing for Tumbler Ridge.

I hereby offer my apologies to the Library, Bob Norman and Michelle Burton. I truly hope that the others will come forward and also offer there apologies. What has happened is the bad side of blogging.

I feel the Library does a great lot of good for the town, I was wrong to partake in the way I did on the blog. I know some people will be disappointed in me but not anymore than I have been with myself. I have always been honest and taught my children the same, so feel I must own up to what I have done also.

Lynn Way