Letters to the Editor

Dawson Creek

Dear Editor,

It is with great sadness that I write to you today. I have just received news via your website that the Blotter is no more. To Cpl.

Peats, I thank you for the entertainment of your articles provided to me over the past three years, and the excitement that I had over looking forward to reading your column. To those that found your comments offensive, shame on you. You are definitely in the minority, and more than likely on the wrong side of the law, as those law biding citizens like myself and my family found great humor in the stupidity and inanity of others. Please feel free to disagree with my comments, maybe it will bring Cpl. Peats some sense of fulfillment that his valiant efforts at making light of serious matters will not go unnoticed.


Ward P. Minifie, Dawson Creek

(250) 719-0623