Letters to the Editor

I sincerely hope that the Police Blotter will be reinstated. I wish that our local newspaper had a similar column that was as informative and humorous as the one that Cpl. Peats wrote.

Linda Sartisohn, Delta B.C.

Dear Editor

re: tumbler ridge police blotter.

When my husband and I visit our vacation home in T.R., we always make a special effort to pick up the TR newspaper at the restaurant and the first thing we read is Cpl. Peats article. We were very disappointed to learn it would be no longer.

It is not Cpl. Peats responsibility nor is it his job to ensure that every person who reads his blotter does not take offense.

If someone ?chooses to feel? offended by Cpl. Peats article (and there always will be people who ?choose to feel? offended) then, that is their choice. Life is all about choices. But, I choose smiling, laughter, and happiness any day over choosing to feel offended, victimized or judgmental.

I love Cpl. Peats Blotter. It is informative while at the same time, quite humerous. Reading it puts a smile on my face and laughter in my heart.

Thank-you Cpl. Keats, Keep ?em? com?in.

Trudy Mayne, Grande Prairie, AB