Letters to the Editor

Letter to Editor

What does Subject to mean? When I buy lots or a house in Tumbler Ridge or anywhere there is always a ?Subject To? clause put in the contract. ?Subject To? is for final inspections, home inspections, financing, pending sale of your home etc. When buying property and not putting Subject to Financing in my contract and I put a $10,000.00 deposit down and on completion date not being able to come up with the financing I lose my $10,000.00, sound familiar? A two year building clause means two years. To the people trying to get new extensions who do not believe there is anybody who doesn?t agree with them better get new glasses. After attending the Council Meeting on Tuesday night and listening to Council and the Mayor it is my understanding that the town and Councillors? can be sued personally if these extensions are given.

My hat is off to Mayor Caisley, Councillor Hunter and Mr. Miller for understanding of the rights of the residents of Tumbler Ridge.

People say the town isn?t growing, you are right it isn?t. Serviced lots are hard to find when some have two year building subjects on them and nothing is being done. Therefore the town is not opening up anymore lots for people like me who buys and sells property. Listen to your advisors, bankers or contractors. Odds are too high to buy lots with a two year building stipulation, but if I wanted to find private money and give that a try then go ahead.

One of two new houses built by private citizens would be better than after two years of what we have now. The question I have is after two years they figured out its too costly or cannot get a contractor, if given the extension what?s the next reason going to be.

I see the way to get laws changed in Tumbler Ridge is to go to the Council Meeting and clap your hands and stamp your feet on the floor, boy do I have some to change.

Maybe we should get the Real Estate Board to write a letter as to what ?Subject To? means. Is it possible that one of these persons wanting an extension is a real estate agent? Remind me and my friends not to use that business as they don?t even understand what ?Subject To? means.

We do have an election coming up and maybe we can elect councillors who listen to the people who voted for them and not just 10 or 15 who clap their hands and stamp their feet during Council Meetings.

Ray Goldade, Tumbler Ridge, BC