Letters to the Editor

Print request by the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

January 17, 2008

Mayor Caisley and Council:

The Chamber of Commerce Executive and Board are requesting that your Honor and Council honor the democratic vote regarding the one year extension of Lot K.

Kase and Christine VandeBurgt opened a business in Tumbler Ridge when the economy was slow. They brought a business that was needed in Town; and are enthusiastic supporters of the community. The VandeBurgt?s are willing to put down roots here, which will increase the tax base. They are presently leaseholders and need to expand to improve their business for local residents.

We feel that a precedence has already been set in Tumbler Ridge with others who have spent money on their properties, needed extensions, applied and was granted the extension. We feel this lot should be treated the same way.

In order to show local and incoming businesses that Tumbler Ridge is a community that is open for ?business?, not granting this extension would be a step in the wrong direction.

Thank you for considering our concerns. We appreciate the work of our Mayor and Council.

Sincerely, Ellis Howard