Letters to the Editor

I just returned from a trip to the definitely crime ridden city of

Vancouver to find that an even more dastardly crime had been committed right here in Tumbler Ridge; the highly entertaining and informative voice of Cpl. Peats had been silenced and the Police Blotter discontinued. Please may this only be temporary! The Police Blotter was part of the fabric of this community. I give sole credit to the column for actually keeping me between the ditches. And more than that, it helped to tie my heart to this community. I?ve met Cpl. Peats on several occasions and never have I found him to be arrogant. In fact, his self deprecating humor (sometimes referring obliquely to the recent RCMP troubles) showed me the human side of the police force. In his articles I enjoyed learning about the local run-ins with the law and with his help saw not just a recitation of crazy antics, but behind all that, his concerns about drugs and alcohol, crime and threats to our quiet enjoyment of life. With the absence of his column in the local paper, the town may have grown just a little less upbeat; a little more dreary. Please find a way to bring that weekly ray of sunshine back!

Jean Pawlucki, Tumbler Ridge