Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Here it is Canada Day, a day to celebrate our heritage. Today, all over this country, there will be various activities for young and old, culminating in the highlight of the day … a Fireworks Display. Unfortunately, not in Tumbler Ridge.

My grand children came for a visit this morning proudly wearing their Canada Day T-Shirts and with the Canadian Flag painted on their foreheads. They were in tears when they were told the Fireworks Display took place last night, June 30th, and they had missed it. Why? … they asked. That’s what I would like to know. What special interest group decided to change the date, on very short notice, by means of a small note on the bulletin board outside Shop Easy. Whether or not every resident had been informed of the change is irrelevant. Canada Day is July 1st.

We tell our kids “Be proud to be a Canadian, we are the true north strong and free”. Evidently not in Tumbler Ridge! Canada Day is July 1St, full stop!! We have lost Grizzly Valley Days to GrizFest and made it known to tourists that we are not open

for business on holidays. What’s next, Remembrance Day on November 10th, Christmas Day on December 24th?

Whoever was responsible for this unjustified and unpatriotic decision owes an apology to those of us who expected to end our Canada Day like the rest of Canadians …with a Fireworks Display.

Can you imagine the outcry if our neighbours to the south held their July 4th celebration on July 3rd just to satisfy some special interest group.

Let’s hope that in the future the people of Tumbler Ridge will have the opportunity to celebrate our special days with the rest of Canada. Is that too much to ask?

A concerned citizen,

Patricia Wylie