Letters to the Editor

I co-own an independent, small business and while I am excited with the anticipated changes to the existing District Council, I wait for the incumbents to address the ?Lot K? issue, among other issues, and its possible impact on the future of Tumbler Ridge.

I want to support candidates who stand for positive change and for recruitment of new business and industry. I want this new District Council to lobby the provincial government to fund the building of a shorter, safer highway to Prince George. This would allow Tumbler Ridge not only more tourism but to also be a viably accessible destination for investors.

As many people are aware, it is extremely difficult for small, independent retail businesses to thrive against the competition of box stores. When one adds up the cost of purchasing property, constructing a new building, infrastructure cost, manpower costs, insurance, taxes, parking permits, etc. etc…Logistically, it will be a long time before the owners see profit. These businesses not only require the support of the community but also the encouragement of unbiased, forward-thinking leadership. Entrepreneurs such as ?K? issue (repossessing undeveloped and as yet unutilized properties from investors because it is seen as cash grab or not benefiting the community as a whole), the new Council needs to recognize some of the existing community by-laws as unnecessary archaism. By-laws which no longer meet the needs of this community should be shelved.

This is an exciting time to be a Tumbler Ridge resident and the District by-election will be closely followed and the new council?s interpretation of the original intentions behind the ?Lot K? issue can, in my opinion, make or break this northern, out-of-the-way community ? this community of boundless possibilities.


Sally McAninch