Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,

I see I have created some ?fireworks? by questioning the date change of the Canada Day fireworks display to June 30th.

All volunteer organizations are important to a community; none more so than the volunteer fire Department, as Matt so eloquently points out in his letter that appeared in the July 21st edition of this newspaper. The fireworks display in Tumbler Ridge outshines those that take place in much larger communities; hence, the disappointment in missing it.

It is unfortunate that Matt Treit feels that the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department was being targeted and that they are a ?special interest group?. There was no reference made to the Fire Department or to it?s members in my original letter nor was any intended.

The listing of Community Events in the ?Northeast News? indicated a fireworks display in Tumbler Ridge on July 1st so any visitors from the North Peace were also let down. Our family had been looking forward to the display and found out on July 1st that we had missed it. I asked a council member if he knew why the date had been changed and he said, ?I have no idea?.

Please remember that Canada Day, July 1st is a national, not an ethnic holiday. People of various races, creeds, or religions celebrate their holidays as decreed by their beliefs. We don?t have that option with Canada Day.

What we have is a failure to communicate; the general public should be informed of decisions that affect us and given ample notice regarding any change in community events.


Pat Wylie