Among the disturbing news from the Tomslake area are reports that EnCana security guards are pulling people over for interrogation on public roads. Those actions are illegal. Private security guards have no more rights or powers than any other citizen. At least one person in the area has felt obliged to provide a DNA sample to clear himself of suspicion. That runs contrary to the presumption of innocence. Tensions might be high. But if we don?t stand up for our rights, we?ll lose them. Sincerely

Greg Klein,


Editors Note:

Brian Lieverse, Community Relations Advisor for Encana in a telephone interview on January 15th commented: ?Neither EnCana?s Security staff, or our contractors have been instructed to, or requested to, pull over the public on any public roads and ask them questions about the investigation. This kind of action is not appropriate and Encana would not support it.

We are not aware of any situations where this has occurred, but in our consultation with the RCMP they indicated that they had pulled over a number of individuals and questioned them about their activities.