Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

BCSTA understands and supports the value of student, classroom, district and provincial assessments as tools in planning for growth and improvement.

However, BCSTA strongly objects to the use of the narrow snapshot of assessment data generated by the Foundation Skills Assessments for ranking schools, as the Fraser Institute does in its annual Report Card. In compiling these findings, the Fraser Institute fails to consider: the majority of students in a school, subject areas such as fine arts, science, social studies, and sports, citizenship and the cultural factors that make each school unique to the student populations they serve. These findings are faulty, and the picture they paint is misleading and inaccurate.

We urge parents, in considering the choice of a school for their children, to visit prospective schools. Read about the school plan and goals established by the School Planning Council.  Learn about the programs offered at the school. Get the full picture, not the wrong one.


Connie Denesiuk

President, BCSTA