Letters To the Editor

My house caught fire in the Rec Room on the day of the power outage while I was a City Hall getting the update on the situation. Upon returning a short time later I saw that the Rec Room was in flames.

I would like to thank my neighbour who called the Fire Department and rescued my cat. They put the fire out quickly and saved the rest of my house. I would also like to thank all the people that showed up and offered their support.

Paster George Rowe of New Life Assembly Church, my neighbour Ross Ives & Jeff Cooper who donated clothes, Janet Delpierre from ESS (Emergency Social Services) who provided several days stay at the T.R. Inn. And many others who were there. Also Jarrod and Amy who took me in.

I would have been lost and not have known what to do in this situation. My deepest gratitude to you all. This may be a small town but the people have a huge heart.

Thank you all.

Mike Iacobellis